Art X Mentality《Day-Daycare Night-Nightcare 》
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2-4 September 2022

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Losing anchor in this world of madness

Taking each step cautiously and still feeling lost

Aren’t you fed up with common sense being denied?

Surfeited with spoon-fed absurdity, isn’t it tiring?

It’s time to take a break and leave your “everything is normal” mask with us.

Join us at a staycation for the mind in this unsettling time and changing present!

Dive in, rocket to the space, travel through time.

Explore alternate universes of yourself and find strength to carry on your journey.

Day-Daycare Night-Nightcare is the mental care centre specially for adults. In the Care Centre, you can escape from the daily stress, take good care of your inner child, and play like a young kid again. The cross-generation cast members will take you on the journey back to the past, forward to the future and into yourselves to provide series of spirit-inspiring experience. Let’s work out and open up the minds , challenge common sense and explore the infinite possibilities!

Date and Time: 2-4 September 2022
Venue: 3/F Children Floor, MICHK, Wanchai


Wong graduated from the School of Drama at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Acting. He was a full-time actor at the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre who later, has spent years actively engaging in theatrical music composition. In 2015, Wong visited Europe to study physical theatre with companies. He then returned to work as a full-time actor. Yet, he has chosen to continue his career as a freelance theatrical artist to explore his own language.

Wong is currently a freelance theatre artist and instructor for the Full-time All-round Dramatic Arts Training programme at Radix Troupe. Wong’s major productions include Report ii: the illegal-i of New Vision Arts Festival 2021; The Exceptional Duet: The Void of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (Co-Director & Cast); Art Walk X The Mills ‘Threading Through Time’ Series — Living up to HER and Art Walk x Heritage: ‘Wild is the Grass’ Series — Report i – Which I am I of the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power; We are Now Six of Zuni Icosahedron; The Crowd by Hong Kong Arts Festival X Shanghai Dramatic Art Centre (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hamburg) (Original score & live musical performance); DEST. of Radix Troupe (Director) and Time x V of Radix Troupe (Director). Wong won the 22nd Hong Kong Drama Awards for Original Music with Le Grand Cahier by The Nonsense Makers. He has also been nominated for the Hong Kong Drama Awards – Best Original Music for SEVEN, Hong Kong Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actor for A Flea in Her Ear, The 3rd Hong Kong Theatre Libre Best Actor for Cabaret 2011.

RAY LC creates exhibitions and interventions using environmental storytelling and human-machine interactions. He takes inspiration from his own research in human-computer interaction and neuroscience in works that probe human community’s evolving relationship with technology. Recent works include Imitations of Immortality, a set of poems written by human and machine that attempt to mimic the essence of classic poets; Chikyuchi, a tamagotchi game that allows players to identify with protecting the Amazon rainforest; I Was of Three Minds, a machine-learning inspired exhibit featuring machine-augmented human perception in media like VR and video; Presentation of Self in Machine Life, a distanced co-performance of a human dancer and a robot across a 12-hour divide; and Make4Green, a speculative fiction participatory art exhibit that uses designing for future scenarios to invigorate climate action. These works have been shown at BankArt, New York Hall of Science, Ars Electronica, New Museum, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Osage Gallery. They have been funded by National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Adobe Design Award, Microsoft Imagine Cup, New York Foundation for the Arts, Hong Kong Arts Development Council. RAY earned his PhD from UCLA, and MFA from Parsons School of Design, and currently serves as Assistant Professor of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. His current work uses artistic interventions to probe our spatial relationship with machines.

More information is on RAY’s studio site: recfro.github.io

Amy Cheung is a conceptual artist. She has exhibited in over 40 exhibitions since her first project – 72 hours- made in HK during Hong Kong’s handover, where she blindfolded herself continuous for 72 hours guided only by 72 individuals’ audio-visual description to help her “witness” the political transition; Ashes Unto Pearls, a sound installation with 188 speakers simultaneously broadcasting citizens’ ultimate questions; Face Machine, a robotic installation with a mechanical arm testing the faces of the elderly and their haunting memories on and off a faceless infant body; Toy Tank, an interactive sculpture made to shoot (in virtual environment) all the artworks within the exhibition; $ on China, a fung shui project to materialise a “dollar” form building on a “China” shaped island to ensure business prosperity; Hankie Bank, an immersive performance of banking that enabled transaction of anything valuable, except money; last but not least, she collaborated with the creator of Stanford Prison Experiment- legendary psychologist Prof. Philip Zimbardo, using explicitly their blood and brainwaves to engrave a triptych – Imagine Hero (in a fMRI machine to think of a Chinese hero, an American Hero and a Platonic Hero) – to commemorate heroic action’s essence – the materiality and rationality of sacrifice.


Ho Ming Yan graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. Currently working as a freelancer, enjoys creating, and passionate to exchange, and collaborate with artists from other media, such as Rebeka Tam (ceramic), Yim Sui Fong (transmedia art), and Rachel Yip (visual art).

Her recent choreographies include: Mega Human Dancer (multimedia narrative experiment), Shelter (collaborated with ceramic artist Rebeka Tam), Mammalistic at The Ocean Dance Festival in Bangladesh, Urban Tribe at , Fit-in-What (co-choreographed with Tsang Wing Fai) for CCDC Dance Centre Real Showcase Programme, environmental dance piece Gradual for “Retracing Hong Kong’s Vanished Coastline – Hong Kong” at i-Dance Festival.

As a performer, she has involved in the following dance / theatre projects: Y-Space “Dancing All Around Yuen Long and Exhibition” and Body I.D Space (Shanghai tour), Littlebreath Creative Workshop Future Performing Lab and Our Land, nobodiestheatre ONE IN ALL / ALL IN ONE, Passoverdance Hear, We Dance, Chloe Wong May Be Tomorrow, Wayson Poon Untitled III, etc.

She has also started exploring more performing artistry and ways of art creation, and has participated in the Unlock Body Lab: Dance to be 2020 Scheme, the initial creative process of Portrayal for ngau4 gat1 dei6 Sum Up!? sharing platform, and was the resident artist at CCDC where she presented on her research.

Featuring Artist
Corrupt the Youth

Venue Support
Methodist International Church, HK

Lighting Design by
Chan Cheuk Wai Octavian

Set and Costume Advisor
Ho Pui Shan

CHONG Ling Lung, Pauline   CHOW Wai Yee, Ann   KIM Kwok Sau, Kim
LEE Miu Ping    LO Wah Chi   SY Ching Tam

CHOW Tsz King   FUNG Chi Yu, Rex   TAM Yui Huen, Skylar
TSANG Tsz Yau   TSUI Yan Yu   WONG Ching Mo

CHENG Tsz Kin   CHEUNG Yan Yu   LUK Cordelia
LEE Wing Yiu   LEUNG Fung Yee   LEUNG Wing Tuen Veronica
NG So Ying   NG Yee Ping   TANG Chun Yin Terence

CHAN Kuen CHOW Ka Yi HO Wai Man
LIN Chia Yu NG Wing Yuet Ruby


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