藝術 X 新聞資訊圖:從草圖練習到新敘事
Art x Journalism Infographics: From Sketch Practising to New Narratives

Date and Time
23 Sep 2020 (WED) 1930-2130
26 Sep 2020 (SAT) 1200-1430
26 Sep 2020 (SAT) 1500-1630

Talk Enquires
2582 0200


In this internet age, inforgraphics help to explain complicated data in a simple way, becoming a trend used in different media. In the fourth programme of “Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads”, SCMP Deputy Creative Director Adolfo Arranz will lead us to explore the relationship between art creation and journalism infographics, and to try to create our sketching, through a series of online events consisting of an artist presentation, two sessions of experiential showcases and a Chill-chat salon.

【Online Artist Presentation】

Adolfo Arranz will share with audience via online his creative process, the importance of sketching to an illustrator / visual journalist, and to showcase some of his signature works. The presentation will be available at Facebook and Youtube channel of Cultural Masseur.

【Experiential Showcase – Online Journalism Infographics Workshop】

#Workshop 1 – Overview on Journalism Infographics

23.9.2020 (Wed) 19:30 – 21:30 (Facebook Live)

Adolfo Arranz will give a brief introduction to journalism infographics, how to search information and data, as well as leading a series of practice of various forms of drawing training.

• Conducted in English via Facebook Live

#Workshop 2 – Infographics Clinic

26.9.2020 (Sat) 12:00 – 14:30 (Zoom Workshop)

In this workshop, participants will create their sketching with the assistance of the artist (Adolfo Arranz), encouraging a further discussion on story and narrative.

• Conducted in English via Zoom

• Audience must join Workshop 1 in order to attend workshop 2

• Free admission, Limited Quota. First-come, first served

• Registration at :

• Registration Deadline 24 Sep 2020

【Online Chill-chat Salon】

26.9.2020 (Sat) 15:00 – 16:30 (Facebook Live)

Adolfo Arranz will initiate an online conversation moderated by Darren Long (Creative Director at South China Morning Post) with Pablo Robles (Graphics Journalist at Bloomberg), Jin Wu (Visual Editor at New York Times) and Otto Li (Visual Artist). This in-depth discussion focuses on how journalism infographics could lead to some new narratives to depict the world, and how such narratives may bring about changes and influences.

• Moderator : Darren Long (Creative Director, South China Morning Post)

• Respondents : Pablo Robles (Graphics Journalist, Bloomberg), Jin Wu (Visual Editor, New York Times) and Otti Li (Visual Artist)

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Adolfo Arranz

Adolfo Arranz began his career as an infographic designer for the local newspaper in his hometown, El Mundo, in Valladolid, Spain. Then, for more than 15 years he developed Infographics and illustrations for the multiple regional and national editions of that newspaper.

In 2011 he joined the South China Morning Post’s infographic team in Hong Kong. In this newspaper, he begins his infographic contributions for the printed back pages that have international recognition in various awards organised by press design associations, such as the Society of News Design or the Malofiej awards. During the last few years, his work has been recognised with more than 150 awards.

For two years he was Creative Director at TODAY, MediaCorp, Singapore.

Since 2016 he is helping direct the department of infographics and illustrations for print and online projects at SCMP as Deputy creative director.

Adolfo Arranz is a member of the Urban Sketchers movement and loves to draw in all places, he does it regularly, as a fun way to practice, learn and improve himself. This daily practice has helped him work better and be more confident in difficult design projects.

Pablo Robles

Pablo Robles is a visual journalist from Costa Rica, with a background in architecture and photojournalism. He builds interactive graphics, visual storytelling and data visualization since 2014 and his work has been recognized with more than 100 different awards. He is currently a Graphic Journalist at Bloomberg and previously worked as a Senior Infographic Designer at South China Morning Post.

Jin Wu

Jin Wu is a Hong Kong-based visual editor at the New York Times, where she tells stories with charts, maps, satellite images and other multimedia elements. Previously, she was a graphics journalist at Reuters in Singapore. She uses data and graphics to cover a wide range of topics in Asia: from the drug war in the Philippines, expansion in the South China Sea, protests in Hong Kong, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Otto Li

Otto Li’s works focus on exploring the nexus between virtuality and reality. By reconstructing images with collective data in the forms of sculpture, virtual modeling, digital drawings and interactive installation, he embraces the possibilities of interpreting and re-interpreting visual data and translation between various media, as well as of reflecting our relationship with the nature of space, time, media, technology and our senses.

Darren Long

Darren Long has worked as an art director in London, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Currently creative director at the South China Morning Post, Long has overseen the team’s award-winning transition from print to digital.