M.U.D. – Movement UnDefined 2022
Date and Time
4 Apr 2022 21:00 – 22:30
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Online Presentation of M.U.D. – Movement UnDefined

The Cantonese pronunciation of  “乜” (mat1) can be a blank to be filled in, or a meaning to be defined, implying infinite possibilities. The artists of the M.U.D. platform hope to open up a wider scope of imagination for the audience through their creations in an environment full of constraints. It is like transforming stubborn rocks into fertile soil to nourish new lives.

Programme Details

To learn about the creative process of M.U.D., please browse the Creative Journals of the participating artists below.

Sensing Adjacency〉 Choreography : Zelia Tan

Behind me1〉 Choreography : Peggy Lam

Rebug〉 Choreography : Shirley Lok

Boiling Bo〉 Choreography : Bobo Lai 

〈貓〉-〈?躺〉〉 Choreography : Eric Kwong

〈頹〉-〈癈〉〉 Choreography : Simpson Yau

The Artists’ Self-Training Workshop

What will seeds grow into if planted in M.U.D?
When we cross boundaries, what dances will our bodies do?

Zelia Tan experiments with dance and techniques;
Peggy Lam and the resilience of materials;
Shirley Lok and puppeteer Chen Ying-ching observe cicadas;
Bobo Lai continuously explores the body through deconstructing her old work from Terry Tsang’s perspective;
Eric Kwong and Simpson Yau present the uniqueness of the body through Justyne Li’s sense of touch;
Lee Ka Hei’s reflection on self-awareness and male body in media portrayal;
Alberto Gerosa and Feng Jing-yi conduct an anthropological study of chicken-blood therapy…

Define Undefined Redefining
Is it a journey or a destination? When everything goes wrong, anything is possible!

Associated Partner

City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), the flagship of modern dance in Hong Kong, undertakes to blaze the path of contemporary dance scene with extraordinary performances representing contemporary Hong Kong culture. Founded by Willy Tsao in 1979 and directed by Yuri Ng, CCDC has presented more than 200 highly-acclaimed original works by leading choreographers, such as Tsao, Helen Lai, Mui Cheuk-yin, Pun Siu-fai and Ng, and innovative collaborations with artists from other media. Curated by CCDC, Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival and City Contemporary Dance Festival pioneer in Asia to reimagine the possibilities of modern dance.

Series 1 [Subject or Object]
Zelia Tan
Peggy Lam
Shirley Lok X Chen Ying-ching
Open Call Finalist : Lee Ka-hei

Series 2 [Dance you by my name]
Bobo Lai X Terry Tsang
Eric Kwong X Justyne Li
Simpson Yau X Justyne Li
Open Call Finalist: Alberto Gerosa X Feng Jingyi

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