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The ‘Cultural Masseur Talking Heads Podcast Series’ serves as a free space for conversations and curious hearts. Our hosts together with guests speakers from all walks of life, will invoke interdisciplinary conversations to explore on topics from the up and coming trendies rise of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to the most ancient question of the body and self relationship. 

The podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. The latest series is “Corporeality vs Virtuality” , and we will explore where humanity is heading towards with the rise of the ‘metaverse’. Does the physical world still matters when almost everything today can go virtual? Will immortality come true? 

Get ready for a mind-blowing journey with us at Cultural Masseur Talking Heads Podcast!

EP01 Metaverse: A Myth Comes True

The Metaverse is not a new concept. Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have been living in multiple imagined realities in a culture-nature duality. But with the rise of the metaverse, do these ancient imaginations come true? In this episode, Cultural Masseur Talking Heads Podcast Series will take out the speculative tokenomics undertones of the Metaverse and explore its various dimensions starting with the philosophical lens.

Date: 14 Apr 2022

EP02 Metaverse 101

In this episode, Cultural Masseur Talking Heads Podcast Series will feed everybody with the most fundamental concepts about the Metaverse, such as the blockchain technology and its applications. We will shed light on how this technology is going to revolutionise our today and our future.

Date: 28 Apr 2022

EP03 Metaverse and the Body and Mind

The rise of the Metaverse begs the question of whether the human body still matters in the future. Indeed the Metaverse is opening up a world of infinite possibilities where only your imagination is the limit. But then does it mean that we can just leave behind our corporeal existence? What significance does our body then left with?

Date: 12 May 2022

EP04 The Metaverse Experience 

Are sensorial experiences seemingly lost in the Metaverse? Scientists are now working to rewire human sensations by developing wearable tools for people to explore performative brain waves to control elements virtually. How exactly is the experience like when we venture into the Metaverse?

Date: 26 May 2022

EP05 To be Immortal in the Metaverse

Immortality is one of the oldest dreams of our species. If preserving the mind in the Metaverse is possible, our conscience can really live forever, as long as the servers and the internet itself do not break down. “I think therefore I am” will no longer merely be a philosophical statement but a reality come true and will redefine the meaning of being alive.

Date: 16 Jun 2022

EP06 “Meme-taverse”

Meme is defined as “an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations”. The transmission of memes often carries a prophetic nature and reveals to us what humanity is heading towards. What then, do memes have to say about the Metaverse?

Date: 30 Jun 2022

EP07 Metaverse as our New Paradise for Creativity

Having discussed so many different aspects about the Metaverse, we will turn our attention to its implication on creativity. Does the seemingly ‘free’ world ignite more creativity or will the opposite prevail? This episode will be taking place in a form of the Metaverse itself.

Date: 28 Jul 2022

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