藝術 X 數學: 幾何與世界
Art X Mathematics: The Geometry and Our World

Date and Time
29 Nov 2020(Sun) 15:00-15:30
29 Nov 2020(Sun) 15:30-17:30

Cultural Masseur Facebook Live

Free of charge


The 6th programme of “Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads” is “Art X Mathematics: The Geometry and our world” features local sound media artist GayBird, who initiated his studies and developed the corresponding materials and inspirations into a work-in-progress. He invites audience to deconstruct the work with him in the form of motion images and mechanical installations. The showcase will be followed by a Chill-chat salon session where GayBird and speakers from cross disciplinary backgrounds would further develop on the relations of mathematics and art.

When it comes to mathematics, many would only think of numbers and formula, which could hardly be related to the realm of art. In fact, the aesthetics of mathematics exist in many art forms. GayBird sees mathematics as a way human to understand the world, or even a type of sense that takes us to the real world, and at the same time allow us to perceive the world and its problems with a completely different point of view.

29 Nov (Sun) | Experiential Showcase

15:00 – 15:30 Facebook Live

Mathematics and art are not dichotomous existence. GayBird’s passion in the geometric structures and diagrams in mathematics has inspired his art creation. His experiential showcase will be a work sharing that mixes electric music, motion images, mechanical parts and lighting installation, that breaks the boundary between mathematics and art. The free programme will be conducted live in Cantonese on Cultural Masseur Facebook page.

29 Nov (Sun) | Online Artist Presentation + Online Chill-chat Salon

15:30 – 17:30 Facebook Live

Gaybird will discuss the meticulous relations between mathematics and art creation with a panel of members from cross-disciplinary background, including Dr. Lee Boon Ying, former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory and Prof. Chau Hoi Fung from the Department of Physics of the University of Hong Kong. The free programme will be conducted live in Cantonese on Cultural Masseur Facebook page.


Leung Kei-cheuk aka GayBird is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and electronic musician who explores the realms of sound through exquisitely created performances (experiences) and installations (sculptures). GayBird’s skillful and wide-ranging practice of cross-boundary creativity has been a distinguished visionary in reinterpreting music-making over the years. By dissolving the traditional framework of understanding music, elevating the media from a singular platform for hearing and expanding audio culture in connection with visual art, mechanical engineering, electronic programming, instrument crafting and installation art, the artist continues to make music as a comprehensive, integrated and total experience for all to enjoy.

Prof Chau Hoi Fung

Prof Chau Hoi Fung obtained his PhD from the University of Hong Kong. He did his postdoctoral work in the University of Illinois and in the Institute For Advanced Study in Princeton before coming back to teach and research in the Physics Department of the University of Hong Kong. He is now a full professor. He is an astrophysicist by training and is currently working on quantum information science and quantum cryptography.

Dr. Lee Boon Ying

Dr. Lee Boon Ying was Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, and devotes himself to charity, blogging, lecturing and media talks after retirement. He also engages in art ventures after completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts program from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (co-organized with the Hong Kong Art School) in 2020. The intention is to combine art with science and use found objects to create works that address and interpret social issues under different cultural moments of Hong Kong.